Memories of Korean friends <1>

 I stayed in New York ,USA for many years and met a few Korean people

who were American citizens.  I worked with a Japanese export and import

company . The first  person I met was a young male student of Harvard

University. His major subject was mathematics. He was accepted by the

university at age of 15 years old.  His mother was working in our office as

a cleaning staff.  He worked with us as an office clerk only during holiday

seasons.  He did not look so smart but looked a regular young boy.


 The second person I met  also worked with us as a clerk in our department.

He was a second son of a big shot in Korean finantial business.  He came

to our office to learn about steel scrap business since he owned a steel

reinfocing bar making plant in Korea.  He was Korean young businessman

and was married.  He went back to Korea and we met when I visited Seoul