Memories of Korean Friends <2>

 I forgot to tell you but I am a Japanese old man living in Tachikawa City, Japan.

I have been good at making friends, either Japanese or foreigners, male or

female, old or young.   I could keep good reration with any group of people.

Reason is probably I am quiet and cool and do not give any fierce impression.

Young girls, such as 4~5 years old through 9~10 years old ones came to me

and showed intimated attitude to me.  However, I was not a Lolita complex.


 Back to New York, I had serious trouble with my right shoulder, so-called

"40years old shoulder".  So lucky I was, because I met a Chinese acupuncturist

and he restored my shoulder by 90% after six month practition.


 At this time, I felt necessity of relaxation and looked for a proper place on my

way of going home after business.  If it happened in Japan, it was easy to find

a place for relaxation.  I found, however, in Manhattan, a cosy Korean night club.