Memories of Korean Friends <4>

 I dropped in a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan to take dinner.

Then, I stepped into a Korean night club nearby and sat at a table. 

The club was not so busy. A girl came to my table and sat quietly. 

Her clothes were almost black in color.  She gave me her name

in Hangul (Korean) as Miss Son.  I offered her a drink and 

tried to start conversation.

She was looking at her glass and did not show interest in conversation.  

 I asked her to write her name in Kanji(Chinese character) on a piece of paper.   I wrote my name in Kanji and asked her

how to pronounce in Hangul.   She said "Oh-Zoo Ryon-Num".

 I said "You look so young.  May I ask your age?"

She said "I am not young but 25 years old." 

Then, I said "You look somewhat sad and can I do anything

to help?"

She started talking frankly.   She said " I was recently divorced. 

My ex-husband made other young girl pregnant."

There were musicians there to play songs for customers to sing. 

Also, customers danced with girls to music they play. 

My girl was a good singer of Korean songs and sung a song titled

"E-Byol" beautifully. 

Of course, we danced together and made good friends.