Memories of Korean Friends <5>

  Miss Son accepted me and when we went out to see her

friends,she introduced me to them as a boy friend.

  However, in the club, she acted as a completely

professional hostess.

When an old customer came to the club, she guided him

to a table far from my table.  She told me that one time she was invited to his apartment.

When two young boys came to see her from Washinton,D.C.,

she guided them to a small room separated from the main room where I was drinking.

After while she served their table, she came back to my table and reported to me that they had spent 500 dollars.


  When we were drinking and dancing at an other big night

club, a middle-aged gentleman joined us.  He said he used to teach English language to a famous Korean prime minister. 

She did not  seem to like him and asked me to get  the bill 

and leave the club. 


  She told me about her ex-husband.  He cared about her after divorce and brought books to her place as presents. 

She seemed to still like him. She blamed  herself because

she could not give a baby to him.


   Our relation lasted for about 10 months and suddenly she

said "I love you but I hate you because you are married." 

I could not answer.


 Sometime after this conversation,  she left from me without

any explanation nor message.  Her house phone was disconnected and  her apartment room was locked